Sin Mellows has always had a serious attraction to Derek Silver of the Northern wolf pack but after his excruciating betrayal she guarded her heart and refused the pack meetings on the nights of the full moon, when the four main wolf packs gather. With her birthday upon her she is forced into the gathering of demons where all her pent up sexual frustration resurfaces and she is suddenly drawn into the Northern wolves deadly feral wolf situation which suddenly escalates into her own territory. Suddenly Sin is forced to face her fears but has she been wrong about Derek this entire time?

Derek Silver knew he could persuade any female demon into his bed but it's the calm and young Alpha female Sin Mellows that had his full attention. After his supposed betrayal Derek is forced to remain away from the dejected she-wolf as he helps handle the feral wolves that keep attacking his land. When they are suddenly drawn together to face a feral pack uprising, Derek knows he must keep his female this time and explain his situation before the woman has time to run once more.

                                              UNEDITED EXCERPT

Chapter 1



 Sin's breath hitched in nervous anticipation as she stood atop the large hilltop that overlooked the gathering of all four of the packs that shared the lands of this specific region of Demon Paradise. A giant oak bloomed directly in the middle of the large vast expanse of land, and beside it four giant rocks stood erected, each Alpha having their own personal stone. As the moon peaked silently from behind a large black cloud, Judd her pack's Alpha, gave the signal as they raced towards the clearing and joined the others, mostly in animal form, some like her however remained human. Ryan her best friend and only confident since the death of their friend Sapphire stood beside her. His warmth comforting her as she readied herself to see the man she had avoided for years.

She refused to allow anyone to intimidate her. She was already the most sought after female in her pack. She didn't need any extra reasons for the males to approach her. Her father was the Alpha's second, the Beta and she was the Alpha female of the juveniles and omegas. She had bested every male or female since she was the age of twelve, she knew there was one female stronger than her but the poor girl had been picked on as a child and lost all confidence, not to mention, her best friend. Just recently Amaya had been attacked, Jared an evil jaguar tyrant had destroyed the girl's family home and the entire pack believed her and her entire family deceased.

Only two males had ever come close to defeating her besides the current Alpha and Beta, one was the Alphas son Rye and the other was the man she longed for and hated with a passion. His betrayal had cut sharp like a knife into her heart and she still couldn't understand the reason why it had devastated her the way it had. They hadn't dated very long only a couple weeks but they had been the best two weeks of her life. She had been only sixteen the day he had broken and torn her heart out.

For three years she had absolutely refused to attend the Gatherings that were hosted once a month on the night of the full moon. No one knew of her and Derek's brief relationship and she had preferred to keep it that way. Except tonight would be the first time she had seen him since she discovered his paws all over another female and she didn't know how well she would be able to keep herself under total control.

Fear started to consume her but she kept her face impassive as her mother shoved her forward with a shove to the hip by her wolf's head. She didn't see him as she walked into the mass of wolves, her father following. A slow exhale of relief escaped her until piercing lightning blue rimmed with silver held her gaze. She froze as panic welled up inside her, oh fuck he was watching her. Her mother shoved her forward again and she forced her eyes away from his intoxicating gaze. His eyes were the most gorgeous things she had ever seen, a deep, dark array of blue hues twisted into streaks of what looked like lightening, all rimmed in silver. They had her panties dampening immediately, with just a single look. Sin couldn't lie and say she had never dreamed of the man, touched herself pretending her hand was his. She couldn't pretend that the lust had ever been vanquished even with his betrayal, maybe it had for a week but it only heightened the longer she waited and now it felt akin to a dam ready to burst. 

Suddenly everyone shifted and stood as human in the moons bathing glow. She was shoved beside her father towards their stone as Judd gave way for him to speak. Her courage vanished as she lost sight of Ryan. “Packs, tonight I celebrate the nineteenth birthday of my daughter Sin Mellows. Who has been avoiding our meetings for the last three years, but now she is of age and soon will hopefully take a mate." He gave her a sharp chastising look and continued. "I can only hope she goes to a strong young male who can handle her spirit and spunk.” Applause rang through the air and she feared she would die of humiliation. Good god, she sounded like she was being auctioned off for sale, instead of just announcing her birthday. She lifted her eyes and peered out into the gathered demons and forced herself to look away the moment she noticed Derek heading towards the front of the riled crowd, instead studied the various varieties of demons. Wolves, large cat, birds, bears and a couple deer stared intently towards the rocks as they watched the night unfold as they hooted about her father's announcements.

She forced herself to remain intact as the Northern Pack leader stepped forward almost directly beside her, Sin bit her lip from squeaking, he was Derek's father. Almost as handsome as his son but definitely more rugged in his old age, his dark hair salted with silver and his rough beard covered his jaw.

“I bring ill news," he began, slamming everyone away from her father's upbeat and rousing speech. "My Beta was killed in combat with a feral wolf a few weeks ago and I have had to appoint a new Beta." Dear god no! Sin's brain scrambled to listen as she was once again struck with lightening blue eyes. "My eldest son Derek has fulfilled every qualification and is the strongest male besides me in our pack, he is our new Beta.” Sin watched frozen in place as Derek wound his way up the remaining stones to stand beside his father, only a few feet from her. She took a step back as his musky male scent intertwined with blueberries filled her lungs, her pussy dampening drastically and dramatically at the arousing scent, oh how she loved blueberries. Fuck, his scent was addictive. No! She would not fall under his damned spell again!

Her heartbeat sped up as arousal poured out of her, letting every demon within the clearing know she was thoroughly turned on and ready. She couldn't take it anymore! His nearness was confusing everything she had told herself to stay clear of. She couldn't do it! She ran. She was gone in seconds before anyone realized what had happened. Why did this happen to her! What was so special about him that she could barely be near him without lusting after that attractive and damn good smelling male? She didn't understand! She felt herself shift as she cleared the trees and raced towards the one place no one knew about because it was on his damned land.




Derek watched as Sin sprinted from the gathering, drawing the four packs confused gaze. Her aroused scent had him wanting to snatch her back and demand an explanation for the past three years. But he already knew the answer to that. She believed he had been unfaithful and he knew that the scent of the woman he held didn't explain anything or make things better.

He had wanted to go to her and explain things but he had waited for the next full moon but she never showed. He should have gone straight to her territory but his pack had needed him more. They had been in a brutal battle with ferals for the past three years and finally one had managed to kill off the old Beta, making Derek the new second in command of his pack. The ferals hadn't let down in the past years, truthfully they seemed to intensify and being a natural born leader, his Alpha tendencies made him care for his pack, instead of seeking after the one woman who had constantly defied and amused him.

Since the moment he had met Sin at the monthly gathering four months before they had begun their official courting Derek had been in awe. Every female would throw themselves at him and demand his attentions, which at the time he enjoyed immensely, except her. He had walked by her one night and she had only given him a brief glance, before she immediately returned her attention back to her male mousy looking friend.

Jealousy like no other had scorched through him and he had to contain it. He knew he was being shallow thinking that all the females fell head over heels for him but suddenly he found one that didn't give a damn about him and it excited the fuck out of him. He had been twenty five and she sixteen, their age gap was wide which was why they had specifically not mentioned their relationship to their packmates, not that it truly mattered. As long as they refrained from any sexual contact they were well within the rules of the packs. 

At the next full moon, he had learned that she was actually the strongest female in her pack and that she was just as sought after as he was. Although she didn't flaunt her Alpha tendencies as he did. Derek soon made it his plan to battle the apparent sweet tempered female as another female from a different pack challenged her. She had accepted and easily taken down her opponent.

Derek had stepped in and they sparred. He had taken the beautiful she-wolf down easily and he was shocked to see the apparent admiration in her eyes as well as the strong scent of mocha and excitement that wafted from her. For the first time in his twenty five years he had actually wanted to claim a mate, but knew that without a doubt he had to wait for her to grow up.

He had finally gained her attention though. She could no longer ignore him for defeating her current winning streak. She went back to her friend as if she wasn't fazed but he noticed the way she watched him after that moment and he knew he had her.

Everything had gone smoothly until the night that she caught him holding a certain female in his arms. And then everything crumbled. He lost the only thing that had made the gatherings worthwhile and he hadn't even chased after her because of his pack. His wolf wanted her but the pack situation was worse.

A strange scent on the wind pulled him from his memories and had his nose twitching, it was vaguely familiar. But he couldn't place the irritating smell, his first thought was Sin's mousy friend but he spotted him in the back eyeing him with irritation. Caution and worry began eating at him and suddenly a flash of tree and a fear stricken Sin had him racing away towards the direction she had disappeared. Something was terribly wrong.

              COMING SOON

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