I have been writing for as long as I can remember now. I began at the young age of twelve after listening to the children's song Puff The Magic Dragon that my dad was constantly playing on repeat. I began writing out the cute lyrics and their began my obsession with writing. I went from writing song lyrics to attempting to create a story in only a few short weeks. I have to admit, it was pretty awful now that I look back on it. I began writing my first full length 60,000 word book in high school my freshman year and finished the summer of my sophomore. However at the time it was only a stand alone, now I have a plan for three others in the same series but they are YA rather than Adult. The first book is out (under a different name) but I published with Publish America (I know, stupid right?), so the price is irritatingly outrageous. I look forward to hearing from readers, whether you like my stories or don't I would love to here your comments. You can reach me anytime on my e-mail address or on facebook. Thank you for reading.

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