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Visions of a Dream

A WereShifter Story



Sara Winter is shaken by a vision that predicts millions of humans will be slaughtered in a fight for the Earth by "Aliens" that suddenly decide to invade their planet after a meteor destroys their home. The day of their final decent Sara is forced to come to terms with the fact that most look absolutely human, except for some strange features but it's the sudden onslaught of sexual pleasure that courses through her as she catches the eye of one of the men who arrive on the strange vessel that causes her fear to skyrocket. She knows what they want. They want to integrate into their population and find "mates".

Zane Shwort arrives on Earth after a terrifying encounter left him beaten and broken. Now all Zane wishes to do is find the woman he is meant to be with but as the past arrives once more to steal her away when he receives a shocking discovery. Kain the bastard that had kept him chained and beaten has placed a curse upon him and only Sara, the fiery woman with blazing blue eyes is the only key to breaking it.


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