On a secret mission by King Gin, Knight Pantera is attacked and almost killed by the enemy he seeks but with a run of good luck he is rescued and cared for by Blaine Mercer, a normally submissive white tiger demon. Knight immediately begins fighting the instant attraction for the cute yet irritating young man.

Blaine Mercer is instantly intrigued by the dark and brooding panther that he rescues but its the fire burning through him for the irritating man that sets him on edge. Tossing aside his submissive appearance for a couple days Blaine shows Knight exactly how intimidating he can be.



 The wind whistled and howled angrily as Knight Pantera charged into a clearing, the stale scent of blood, sex and sweat carried to him alerting him to the dangers, a familiar taste budding on his tongue. Lately there had been a large number of rapes, the young woman all under eighteen and the legal age for sex. The youngest had been sixteen, until now. He stared down at the shaking, vulnerable young woman, her scent wrapping around him like a vice. Her short red brown hair covering her face as she lay curled on her side in the fetal position. Her clothing torn and mangled, hung loosely from her body. He sensed his back-up arriving and before they reached the scene he snapped out a sharp, furious command.

"Stay where you are!" the three men halted immediately, and he let the direness of the situation strangle him. His body reacted harshly taking him towards her. He kneeled down and scooped her terrified and hurt form into his protective embrace. His teeth rattled in anger. He would get revenge! That he'd swear!

"Aura," He whispered her name and she shot her head up, her orange eyes piercing him to the soul with their obvious pain and torment.

"Knight!" Her arms wrapped fiercely around his neck as he pulled her as close as he could, she was his family, his sister, a sister that he hadn't been able to protect!

"Here, take this." He said quietly shifting his red general's jacket from his shoulders and covering her small shivering frame. It would reach her knees should she stand but he would not relinquish his hold on her just yet, couldn't bear to be separated from her even by an inch. He stood easily her light weight nothing compared to carrying the King, his weight almost two hundred pounds heavier and pure muscle.

"Let's go." He called to the men who continued to stay hidden until he passed them and headed back towards the white marbled castle. He saw recognition flash through their eyes when they glanced down at his sister. Aura visited the castle often, preferring to remain with their mother who needed her.

The quiet surrounded them as they stepped out of the East Forest and into the path of the giant castle. His anger and fury lashed within him as he carried Aura through the doors and into his room. "Shower, please." She whispered clinging to his shoulder, her small frame continued to shake fiercely. The scent of the vile men permeated her body, covering her in a sickening stench. Knight turned the knob to his small shower, filling the room with steam and sprays of water.

"Do you need help?" she shook her head as he let her stand on her own feet, a little wobbly at first until she slowly stepped into the steam filled enclosure and shut him out. He didn't blame her, she was frightened and in pain but he placed a towel where she could reach, then searched his clothing for something suitable for her. His large body dwarfed hers immensely. She was so tiny that finding a pair of pants to stay on her would be a difficult task.

Eventually he managed to scout out a pair of slacks with a draw string and a pale grey shirt, leaving them folded on the sink he retreated to his bed and sat thinking about the recent events. Five girls, all under the age of eighteen had been brutally raped. This last one included his fifteen year old sister. He knew the men's smell. He could find the bastards anywhere in Demon Paradise or farther if need be. He fell back letting his hands curl behind his head as his thoughts turned darker, more menacing.

He laid their debating ways to maim and torcher the men until she opened the bathroom door and started towards him. He stood immediately and the moment their eyes met, she threw herself into his arms. She refused to cry this time but he could scent the salt lingering on her skin and in the air but the men's stenches was gone, covered by the strong scent of his soap and shampoo, her own scent lightly there. Her skin looked lightly abraded as if she had scrubbed relentlessly to rid her flesh of the horrific events.

"Find them." He heard her hiss and he nodded obediently but he didn't need to be told, he would have hunted them down even if she had begged him not to. Aura was his pride and joy even though they were about twenty years apart.

Their mother had been too busy working to pay any attention to her youngest child, and their father was a piece of shit that had left them when Aura had only been a year old. Not that he missed the son of a bitch, he was glad the fucker was gone. Their life had been hell back then and he thanked god every day that his pure hearted little sister never had to suffer the wrath of their father but for that one time.

Knight's constant beatings by his father continued until Knight at the age of twenty, took a stand against his father and beat the bastard to a bloody pulp on Aura's first birthday, the day the fucking asswipe had decided to lay his hands on his daughter.

He had shaken the one year old frantically in anger during one of his alcoholic tempers. Knight lost it at that moment, giving in to the panther that had seethed and hated his father practically since birth. The man had beaten him relentlessly every night for almost ten years and after Knight's raging attack, his father left. He had never returned after that day and his mother began distancing herself from both of her children. Why? He wasn't sure. She was a woman who had been constantly abused by both father and husband and he could never convince her to run away with him.

Knight had remained at home but only because with him there his father rarely touched her. He had sacrificed himself years ago for his mother but she never seemed grateful and he would do anything to keep the nightmares away from his sister, he had, until today. Now Knight and his inner panther needed revenge for the desecration of his sister's virtue, for all the young teenagers that had been taken forcefully and against their will relieved of their virginity before they gave it up freely.

He smoothed his hand down Aura's hair as she cuddled into him, needing his embrace and reassurance but he would have to leave. He laid her on the bed and gave her brow a soft kiss before attempting to leave. He needed to see King Gin, explain the current events himself. He was the General after all. Untangling her limbs from his chest he began to rise but her voice halted him, so much pain in the small words that he couldn’t refuse her, not her, never her.

"Stay until I fall asleep. I'm scared." He pulled the covers over her and lay beside her as she turned onto her stomach. Aura faced away from him as he drew small random things on her back in comfort. She fell asleep much quicker than he would have thought and slowly disengaged himself once again and tiptoed out of the room, closing the door with a soft "click".

Immediately he headed for the study, King Gin would be there along with his new wife Dana, their first child on the way. He knocked politely before Gin's booming voice answered allowing him in. He bowed more for measure, since he and the King had become friends over the last fifteen years. His age outweighed him greatly. He was in his two hundreds give or take, while Knight was only in his mid-thirties. Age didn't really account for anything considering that their aging practically ceases on their eighteenth birthday, but they grow into their skin even as their aging stops so they don't all look like eighteen year olds running around. Knight looked like he was maybe twenty four, while Gin looked Knight's real age.

"Knight, I heard about your sister. I'm terribly sorry." Gin's voice softened as he spoke, Knight nodded as he approached his friend and King.

"I wish to murder the bastards even more now." He paused trying to attain his cool confidence but Gin spoke before he could finish.

"I understand. That is why I have devised a plan to get you into their clutches, allowing you to tear the throats out of the bastards that have raped and stolen these girls innocence. I want you to infiltrate their establishment, wherever that may be, become friendly with them and gain their trust. I would like to know the reasons for these disgusting endeavors. Then after we have all the evidence I will allow you to be their executioner. Do you accept?"

"Accepted," Knight's smile was all the confirmation the king would need even without his reply. He wasn't excited with the prospect of leaving his sister behind but to murder her attackers he would do anything within reason. "Keep watch over her." Knight said and Gin nodded his smile genuine and perceptive as he glanced towards his wife and mate Dana.

"She will be well guarded." He confirmed and Knight let out a breath of relief, his sister would understand the need that clawed at him, the need to avenge her. "Explain to your sister and then you may begin your mission. If you meet anyone from the castle they will not talk to you, we will try to keep your cover from being discovered."

"Yes." Knight bowed low once again and retreated back to his bed quarters. He found Aura sleeping peacefully and lightly shook her to get her attention. He refused to leave a note. He needed to explain this in person.

"Knight?" her voice sleepy from exhaustion cut at him as she lifted her lashes and began sitting up. She rubbed at her eyes and blinked them to wake herself up. "What is it?" she questioned as she yawed cutely.

"I am going on assignment." He kept his voice low, even though he saw the flash of hurt swimming in her orange eyes. "Gin wants me to go undercover to avenge all of the woman who have been raped and especially you. I am not sure how long it will take, maybe a couple weeks. It really depends on their situation." He admitted and she cast her eyes down but nodded.

"It's ok, I understand. I will go back to mother…"

"No, you can stay here, in my room. No one will harm you here and you will be protected should you need it. You are free to come and go as you please."

Knight watched the relief flash across her face as she nodded and gave him a small smile. She was still frightened to be alone and here, there would be many who would care for her. She needed company and the castle was one of the best places.

"Thank you. Go, I will be fine." Her smile brightened considerably as she curled back into the covers and slept.

Turning he exited the room leaving his baby sister to fend for herself for a couple weeks. He knew she could take care of herself, but the fact that she hadn't been able to defeat the men that attacked her caused him concern. Now that he thought about it, none of the girls had been able to fight them off. Each of them had an element, a strong powerful force of nature that they could use to fight and defend themselves.

Knight backtracked immediately and when he opened the door, Aura turned her head to him still obviously awake. He needed to find out what had happened to her, he watched as she sat up and she lightly patted the bed for him to sit. How could he have been stupid not to have questioned her? She was his sister, and in pain, that's how. He winced internally as he sat down, her eyes melted towards the floor and she shuddered. She knew what he had come back for.

"I was coming to see you," she began, her eyes flashing back to the moment just before her troubles began. "I wanted to tell you, what a friend had confided in me. She was one of the victims as well. I didn't think they would strike during the day. Amy's had been around nine o'clock and so had the others." Aura shivered. "I sensed something and I was suddenly on edge, and then everything became black. A… hand covered my eyes, and, and they slipped a blindfold on. I couldn't see them!" her voice rose as she began retelling the moment terror seized her.

"I tried to use my element but then suddenly there was a hand squeezing, choking me! Then it vanished but there was something still there, I could just barely feel it." She trembled, her entire body rocking back and forth, Knight reached for her and pulled her against him, trying to sooth and scare the memories away.

"They were everywhere, hands…I..I didn't know what to do. They tore at my clothing and before I could stop…stop them…." Her voice trailed away but he didn't need to hear anymore. He knew what had caused the disappearance of her element, something that should have been destroyed long ago. Only a few select demons knew of their existence, the ones who had been alive that day almost two hundred years ago and the demons that now guarded the palace. Collars.

Shit! They were supposed to be destroyed! How many of those useless pieces of leather were out there? He hugged Aura to him tighter but let her go as she pulled away and sank into the covers again. Intent to let sleep claim her.

"See you later. Kill them for me." She whispered and he smiled. She was stronger than anyone would ever believe.




His black and white tail twitched impatiently as the giant buck neared, it wasn't a demon, so therefore it would be lunch. It would feed him and his parents for days and he loved the thrill of the hunt. He cautiously stepped forward his snow white paws creating no sound. Both tiger and human loved to hunt, adrenaline surged through him and he reveled in the power. His parents had always been disgusted that he let the tiger rule him. That he preferred to hunt rather than shop for their food. That just seemed a waste of time. The buck was on his territory therefore it was free game.

Blaine Mercer ran his tongue against his elongated fangs, glorying in the feel. He loved his feline form, he loved his human too but this is what he preferred. The hunt. His prey moved further towards him and he crouched lower, his body shielded by the tall grass and underbrush. So close, almost. Now! The tiger leaped into action tackling the stag that was a head taller than him to the rocky ground. The deer struggled but in the end it was futile as Blaine covered the male's throat with his large mouth and bit down, snapping the bones easily, rendering the once thrashing buck immobile. His body slumped to the ground in defeat as Blaine smiled through fangs stained red.

He dragged his kill towards home, his tail swaying happily. The moment his house came into view he saw his parents. Shit! What the hell were they doing here? Blaine moaned. He wasn't in the mood to see them. He had wanted to skin and gut his prey before he saw them. Now he had to endure their irritating ridicule about his way on acquiring food. Just fucking fantastic.

"Blaine!" he scowled through the thick scuff in his mouth and watched his mother Sara  tap her foot, his father stood beside her, a dark look on his face but his eyes betrayed him, they sparkled with pride. However, his mother happened to have his father totally at his mercy so he would be little help in their argument. He dropped his prey and shifted, allowing his bones and body to meld into that of a human, reshaping and forming his skin.

"Hello mother." He smiled lightly but she only continued to tap her foot in irritation,

"Really Blaine? You couldn't just go to the market and buy something." She snapped. Here we go again, he thought rolling his eyes.

"It's free and on my territory. I am allowed to hunt on my territory." He grumbled out. His mother was a spit fire from hell. She taught at one of the only schools in Demon Paradise, a land that spanned thousands of miles and a totally separate dimension from the human world. It was said that King Gin, banned all demons from entering the world of humans after the death of his first mate. She had died in some war when the humans attacked. No one ever talked about it. No one knew the true story other than the king and his select few confidents.

"I gave you this territory young man!" She snapped out, Blaine felt like growling but resisted the urge. She had just called him a young man! He was almost twenty-one! Sure he was way younger than her but just the idea was ridiculous.

"I am not a child anymore mother." He shot back at her, his eyes narrowing, causing her to huff in indifference.

"You are my child and a good fifty years younger than me!" Blaine shut his eyes his hand coming up to run the ridge between them. His mother loved to argue about anything.

"Ok, just forget about it." He said waving his hand to stop the recent conversation. "Do you want the meat or not?" He questioned, he saw her open her mouth to reject the offer but before the words could escape, his father Wraith, slapped a hand over his wife's mouth and smiled at him.

"Sure son, just ignore your mother." Blaine heard the high pitch squeal escape his mother's covered lips, her eyes flashing in irritation at her mate. He watched as his mother pulled loose a tree limb from the tree beside her, his father hadn't noticed.

"Uh, dad!"


Blaine winced with the force that Sara had slammed the two inch thick limb over her husband's head, cracking it neatly in half with her force. Wraith stumbled slightly before shaking his head and touching the growing knot upon it. His father should have known not to do that. His mother liked being the dominant one, and she paraded around showing off her alpha tendencies. She'd never actually attacked them, she was genuinely only playing. She just played a little rough.

Shaking his head at his parent's antics, he hoisted his prize by the neck and hauled it towards the back of his house to his game cleaning room. He shivered at the frigid temperature as he placed the deer on the table and proceeded to skin him. It took no time at all considering it was a reoccurring event that took less than an hour whenever he rushed it. He packaged the meat in tightly wrapped freezer paper and then headed for his house after placing his own packages in his freezer.

He walked in and found his parents huddled together on the couch, his mother fully naked and his father partly. He coughed lightly to get their attention but they disregarded him. Blaine knew he should leave them to their privacy but they would not have sex on his couch! Stalking over to the couch he coughed again and once again he was ignored. Growling, he opened his mouth and let out a loud bellow sure to get their attention.

"No sex on my couch!" his parents jumped and sprung away from each other, both looking rather perplexed and embarrassed. His mother quickly threw her clothing back on and gave him a shy glance, not at all like the mother he knew. Then again he'd never actually walked in on them in the middle of foreplay before and definitely didn't want to again.

"Sorry Blaine." She began but he shoved the meat into her hands and tilted his head towards the door.

Sara sighed and smiled at him before hugging him. "See you later sweetheart." She mumbled as she grabbed Wraith's hand and led them out. Blaine watched as Sara took the shape of a white tiger and his father assumed the form of a golden leopard. Shaking his head he stretched out his muscles and decided to go for a run. The exercise would do him good.

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